EMC tests for mechanical and plant engineering

EMC tests for mechanical and plant engineering

EMC tests in mechanical engineering can be used to ensure that electrical devices and systems can be operated reliably and safely in electromagnetically demanding environments. For this purpose, various EMC tests are carried out on machines to test the electromagnetic compatibility of the devices and systems.

Through professional EMC measurement of your machines and systems, we create the basis for long-term, trouble-free operation.

EMC testing of machines and systems
in accordance with the Machinery Directive

Directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive) regulates a uniform level of protection to prevent accidents for machines and partially completed machines when they are placed on the market. In order to ensure the highest level of safety during handling, EMC tests are also required for machines. These can be carried out either in our EMC measuring halls or in the form of on-site tests.

  • On-site inspections usually involve electrical properties (so-called “fixed systems”). The authorities limit their inspections to the interference emission part and generally only take action in the event of complaints in the area of radio (interference with (broadcast) radio reception).
  • The immunity test part of stationary systems is an essential quality criterion for the proper functioning of the system (e.g. production line).
  • Accordingly, an on-site test during operation of the system is usually carried out due to a radio interference (emission) or a malfunction (immunity).
  • Since the system operator is responsible for the stationary system, he often also requires the system installer to provide appropriate evidence before commissioning.
  • A high degree of flexibility is required for on-site inspections, as local conditions can vary greatly.
  • According to the EMC directive/law, stationary systems do not require a formal conformity assessment. However, technical documentation is required from the system operator. This is where we come in and create the necessary evidence for the operator to ensure EMC.