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New CERT version enables simplified work on a new and modernized user interface

With CERT version 1.86, the user interface has been redesigned and improved.
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With CERT, we offer an innovative software that combines the functionalities of admission management with the advantages of digital project management. CERT serves as a reliable guarantee for effective certificate management and monitoring. Through the integration of this software, processes are significantly streamlined, providing companies with a transparent overview of their planned, ongoing, and completed projects at cetecom advanced at any time. CERT represents optimized administration and control of certificates, offering added value in terms of efficient process management at cetecom advanced.

However, we are also committed to the continuous improvement of CERT.

With the new version, the user interface of CERT has been successfully re-engineered and modernized in many areas. This initiative aims to enhance the overall user experience by highlighting key information in various views. The Home view still provides quick access to personal project bookmarks and widgets, as well as the latest regulatory updates. As of now, it presents itself with even more clarity and a modern look and feel, further enhancing user-friendliness.

This redesign of the user interface underscores our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation to meet the needs of our customers. The updated CERT user interface is designed to increase efficiency and provide users with a modernized and user-friendly platform for their project management.

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