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cetecom advanced GmbH, headquartered in Saarbruecken and Essen, Germany has more than 25 years of experience in testing and certifying products with radio technologies.

In the beginning, the company’s focus was almost exclusively on testing mobile end devices. In the meantime, various products with and without radio technologies from a wide range of industries are tested in our laboratories and are handled by our certification team for market approval.

More than 100 employees in Essen are specialized in handling our customers’ projects and bringing them to a successful conclusion.

Test services and testing capabilities

In our laboratories, we can carry out a wide range of tests for various technologies. These include among others:

Certification services

On the basis of many years of successful approval handling and long-standing contacts with official approval bodies worldwide, cetecom advanced can test and certify according to regulatory requirements for almost every market efficiently and cost-effectively.

In view of the wide range of countries for which we certify our customers’ products, our certification team consists of multinational specialists with a high level of expertise, covering a multitude of languages and also knowledge of the specifics of different cultures and processes.

In addition, our certification team includes our own internal certification bodies: