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Private Certification Regimes

The road to interoperability

Before products with integrated radio technologies can be launched on the market, manufacturers have to obtain the necessary regulatory certification for the devices. Without this market approval and the preceding tests, manufacturers have no opportunity to sell the products in their target markets.

Private certification regimes differ in their meaning and definition from regulatory approvals: Certification of private regimes

  • do not usually refer to country regulations.
  • are usually related to technology.

The main private certification regimes

Private certification regimes such as the Wi-Fi Alliance and WPC (Qi) or GCF are voluntary and serve as quality features of the products in terms of functionality and interoperability.

When using Bluetooth technology, certification with the Bluetooth SIG is necessary due to the patent issue. PTCRB is required for mobile phone applications in the USA and is the entry point for possible network operator approvals.

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