Test management software for the mobile phone industry TOM

Optimized test procedures, more efficient project management, faster product launches: With TOM (Test, Organization and Management Database), manufacturers of mobile devices, test companies and suppliers of test systems benefit in their daily testing tasks. You too can benefit from the convenient features of our world-leading software tool.

Test management software for the mobile phone industry TOM: functional highlights

  • Create and optimize test plans
  • Update test plan calculation when changes occur
  • Manage and track externally performed tests
  • Verify third-party test plans
  • Upload and search test results centrally
  • Show test capacities of all laboratories and test systems
  • Automatically generate reports at project and management level
  • Worldwide networked work, because web-based
Laboratories Information Optimization Documentation Test Management Reporting
Test Equipment Configuration Test Specifications Fully Automated Test Result Import Project and Test Request Project Report
Test Equipment Calibration Test Policies Latest GCF/PTCRB Rules File and Image Management Devices Under Test Daily Status Report
Accreditation Lab Capabilities Carrier Aggregation Fallback Notes and Comments Subcontracted Labs Statistics and Charts
Validation Status PICS/PIXIT External Ticket Systems Test Plan Official Test Report
Testing Exceptions

Enhanced for 5G testing and carrier aggregation scenarios for 4DL test cases

cetecom advanced is continuously developing TOM to integrate the requirements of new technologies and to offer its users additional useful functions. On the one hand, TOM2 enables you to create 5G test plans based on the specifications of GCF and PTCRB. This is an important prerequisite to get your product approved for network operators in Europe and the USA.

On the other hand, the current TOM version includes the possibility to handle carrier aggregation scenarios for 4DL test cases – in addition to the 2DL and 3DL options included so far. Five different test specifications can be handled:

  • TS 36.521-1
  • TS 36.521-3
  • TS 36.523-1
  • TS 36.571-1
  • ETSI EN 301 908-13

TOM also incorporates the latest rules of 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) – elementary optimization techniques that can, among other things, significantly reduce test requirements. By following all currently 80,000 valid carrier-aggregation combinations and all known rules, the total test requirements can be reduced by at least 50 percent.