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New CETECOM CERT version 1.47 introduces 2-way communication

Feature allows all project communication within the application.

Just recently, we have released version 1.47 of our approval management tool CETECOM CERT. Beside minor updates and new features such as “Quick Sort & Filter on Grid Views” and project and report enhancements we are proud to announce the rollout of the 2-way communication feature within CERT.

With this release, CETECOM CERT is able to handle all project communication between our customers and our type approval team within the application. Through this new way of project communication, the use of CERT increases the effectiveness for the handling of your approval projects.

This enables various new features for both parties:

  • The entire communication will be stored in a central place
  • Message attachments will be stored on the CERT server and hence will not pollute your email inbox
  • It can be distinguished between simple Comments and actual “Action Items” where particular work has to be done
  • A message has a defined context like Project(s), Variant(s), Task(s) or even Milestone(s) which makes it easy to find
  • A message will have a “read” / “unread” status for each person
  • Furthermore a message can be classified by its priority and status in order to track the importance

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: https://cetecomadvanced.com/en/contact/

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