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Environmental simulation tests at cetecom advanced

A wide variety of testing options characterize our portfolio of environmental simulation tests.

When CTC advanced and CETECOM merge on January 1, 2023, more than just a service provider for testing and certifying products with radio technologies will emerge. cetecom advanced will have more to offer and we see ourselves as a partner at eye level for a variety of topics and services. Additional Services that on the one hand are complementary to our other services, but at the same time are independently established on the market and make us a valuable partner for our various customers.

Thus, environmental simulation tests are also part of cetecom advanced’s service portfolio.

For example, many products are exposed to environmental influences such as vibrations and mechanical impact during transport or operation. Very often, products also have to withstand thermal influences, humidity or excessive solar radiation.

By simulating changing environmental influences, cetecom advanced’s environmental testing laboratory can test the extent to which products or product components meet the necessary conformity requirements in terms of safety and functionality. Environmental testing can be performed on almost all industrial materials and is important for companies in all sectors, whether in automotive, consumer electronics, medical or household appliances. Our environmental simulation testing services include climate testing, vibration and shock testing, corrosion testing, or vacuum chamber testing. A crash test bench is also part of our environmental simulation testing portfolio.

So you are looking for a partner for environmental simulation testing? We make a lot of things possible.  Contact us at: mail@cetecomadvanced.com.

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