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Silicon Valley’s technology leader for 5G Over-the-Air testing and certification

Capacity, Capability and Experience make CETECOM the ideal 5G partner.

Our Silicon Valley facility has been testing mobile communication devices for more than 25 years. We know and understand carrier certification. As the network operators have been busy building out the network, we have also been busy preparing for the next wave of devices. We are leading our customers into the future of 5G.

By investing early, we have: 

  • Five OTA chambers located in Milpitas, CA 
  • Three 5G test solutions from both Anritsu and Rohde and Schwarz, including FR1 and FR2 
  • The capability of testing devices with 5CA carrier aggregation combinations 
  • Tested some of the first 5G standalone devices available in the US   
  • The ability to run a 24/7 schedule to meet the needs and demands of product launches 
  • Learned and perform the latest test plans and requirements from the largest US network operators 

We tested one of the first 5G devices over 18 months ago and have learned many lessons along the way. It is not simple, picking a partner that has done it before could make all the difference to a challenging product launch schedule.

Our Over-the-Air engineering teams embody our commitment to be the partner for pioneers.

If you have any questions regarding 5G testing and certification, please do not hesitate to contact us directly:

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