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CETECOM is the leading laboratory in E112 testing and certification.

Through a specially developed app, CETECOM increases the effectiveness of E112 test execution.
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It has recently become clear that smartphone manufacturers wishing to sell devices on the European market must provide proof of compliance with Galileo, Wi-Fi and AML (Advanced Mobile Location).

The legal basis for E112  is the Regulation (EU) 2019/320, which supplements Article 3(3)(g) of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU. According to this, manufacturers are obliged to transmit the location information to the emergency services as part of an emergency call, so that the rescue forces can reach the scene of the emergency more quickly.

This EU Regulation (EU) 2019/320 obliges smartphone manufacturers to implement the E112 functionality from March 17, 2022 and to declare the necessary conformity. This applies to new models and to devices that have already been certified, if new samples enter the EU market after March 17, 2022.  This puts manufacturers of cell phones under enormous time pressure to verify and document the conformity of their devices in time.

CETECOM has therefore created test capacities for this new functionality at an early stage and is currently the world’s leading laboratory for E112 testing.

In order to meet the short deadline due to the time constraints of the EU, CETECOM has now established further mechanisms in addition to the rapid build-up of test capacities in order to be able to complete the tests faster.

While there is a test solution for the Galileo and AML tests, the WLAN tests require test solutions set up by the laboratories themselves. For this purpose, we have established a self-developed Android app that can be used to perform the necessary WLAN tests in a controlled and efficient manner.

We continue to position ourselves as an efficient and leading partner for your E112 tests. Benefit from our expertise in the field of E112. In addition to E112 testing, you can also use our Notified Body to obtain your Declaration of Conformity from a single source.

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