Automotive Radar Testing

Information on regulation.
automobile in test chamber

In modern vehicle safety systems, radar is used in conjunction with cameras, ultrasound and other sensors to obtain information about the environment of a vehicle. These include services such as distance warning systems, blind spot detection, stop-and-go functionality, automatic speed regulation and lane departure warning systems.


Information on regulation

For most countries, the scheme is divided into the two frequency bands 76 – 77 GHz and 77 – 81 GHz.

  • For 76 – 77 GHz, the technical requirements for acceptance are basically homogeneous.
  • For 77 – 81 GHz, many countries do not yet have a regulation.

Exception: In 2017, the FCC homogenized the frequency regulation for both areas and is therefore one step ahead of many countries.

It should also be mentioned that the regulation for the frequency range 24.25 GHz to 26.65 GHz expires in 2022. The regulation for the band 24.05 GHz – 24.25 GHz, on the other hand, is already almost completely homogenized.

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