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New 3D antenna test capability

cetecom advanced created a new sophisticated 3D antenna positioning technology
Ein glänzendes Auto der Marke BMW wird Abstrahlungsmessungen in einer Testhalle unterzogen. Dabei kommt unter anderem ein Antennen-Kran zum Einsatz.

The three primary benefits of the antenna crane and the advantages for you as a client are as follows:

    • Antenna placements
      An antenna (e.g. a double polarized antenna for the frequency range of 300 MHz to 6 GHz range) can be positioned both “overhead” (zenith) as well as “on the near horizon” (partly negative elevations).
    • Flexibility in measuring configuration
      A variable measuring distance is supported by the crane. This is crucial, for instance, when measuring vehicles, because at low elevations a greater measuring distance is useful.
    • Quick assembly
      The crane can be easily moved, drastically reducing the time needed to set up the chamber and thus making the measurement resource available again more quickly.

This cutting-edge device is usually equipped with two LNAs (Low Noise Amplifiers), but could also be used with a 90° hybrid coupler to form a circular polarized antenna. Thus, the antenna crane offers maximum adaptability in the measurement of antenna performance.

Hereby, we are able to carry out a wide range of OTA (Over-the-Air) and antenna pattern tests on devices that are either too large for standard OTA chambers or operate at frequencies that are not typically supported by these chambers.

In which devices and applications are antennas used that we can measure with our crane?

    • large household appliances
    • parking meters
    • charging stations
    • of course: cars (characterizing antenna performance) and even
    • outdoor, e. g. rail vehicles or fixed industrial equipment

You see: There are (almost) no limits to the application of the crane.

For more information, please get in touch with us: mail@cetecomadvanced.com

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