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CETECOM – Your global all-round partner for 5G

Whether regulatory testing, international certifications or network operator approvals - You have come to the right place.

For many years, cellular technologies have been an integral part of wireless technologies and continue to be widely used in a variety of industries and products. CETECOM has always been the contact when it comes to testing and certification of products with cellular technology.

This is now naturally also the case with 5G, the latest publicly available cellular technology.

By investing early in technical resources and know-how at all CETECOM locations, we are ideally positioned to guide you in testing and certifying products with 5G technology.

In case of doubt, products relying on 5G technology not only have to comply with the regulatory requirements of local authorities, but also have to be approved according to the requirements of network operators.

Our services in the area of 5G are therefore as diverse as the requirements for the technology itself. They start with consulting and training, continue with testing of the devices, and end with approval of the equipment for our customers’ target markets.

Network operator approvals

Already in January 2020, CETECOM was accredited to perform 5G conformance tests according to network operator specifications. The underlying standards – defined by ETSI and 3GPP, among others.

These standards and test specifications form the basis for the necessary network operator approvals, which are bundled in the GCF certification for the European area and in the PTCRB certification for the US area.  They can be carried out in the CETECOM laboratories – e.g. in Korea and the US – in a fully automated manner.

mobile phone

Regulatory testing

Depending on the requirements of the target country or the certification regime in force there, products with 5G technology must pass the following various tests in terms of

  • radio
  • EMC
  • electrical safety

In our accredited laboratories – e.g. in Essen (Germany) and Milpitas (Silicon Valley), we carry out the tests for 5G products – among other things, in accordance with the requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive for CE marking and the requirements of the FCC for market approval in the USA.

Laboratory for EMC tests of emitted interference and noise resistance

By definition, certification based on the EN standards (RED) and the FCC only allows access to the EU and US markets. Further independent certification of products for other markets is therefore necessary. However, the testing effort is manageable, since a large part of the regulations for international market access is based on the two certification schemes mentioned above.

The approval of products with 5G technology

In addition to testing your devices with 5G technology, we naturally complete your project with international market approval. Be it the approval with the network operators or the regulatory certification with the authorities in your target markets.

Due to the know-how of our certification team and our internal certification bodies as well as with our digital project management tool CERT, we are able to implement the introduction of your products on the target markets in a fast, transparent and target-oriented way.

CETECOM expert in front of two screens maintaining product certifications

According to your specific requirements, we act as an intermediary between you and the local authorities in over 200 target countries, helping you to reduce approval time and save costs when launching your products.

CETECOM – Your ideal contact for the topic 5G

We are your competent contact for the topic of 5G – locally and globally. Our teams in Germany, Korea, the US and Japan operate at the highest level.

Starting with a consultation in the context of the development planning of your product, over the necessary tests according to network operator or regulatory requirements, up to the market approval of your product.

With us, you are on the safe side for the topic of 5G.

Do you have specific questions? Do not hesitate to contact us directly: https://cetecomadvanced.com/en/contact/

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