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CETECOM again earns Vodafone OTA accreditation renewal

CETECOM is furthermore accredited for performing Vodafone specific OTA testing according to the scopes of Over the Air RF Performance V2.5 and RF Performance Requirements for LTE V3.0.
OTA Testing Situation in Audio Laboratory

CETECOM has earned another reaccreditation from Vodafone to perform Vodafone specific OTA testing.

Vodafone accredited us after an on-site assessment and an interlaboratory comparison measurement campaign. According to Vodafone’s assessment, we are still able to offer certification testing according to the following test scopes:

Vodafone Specification for Terminals on Over the Air RF Performance V2.5
Vodafone OTA RF Performance Requirements for LTE V3.0

This accreditation allows us to offer OTA testing according to Vodafone specifications for M2M devices and handsets such as mobile phones but also data centric devices like USB data sticks, tablet PCs, laptops or routers.

Please find a full overview of our OTA testing services here.

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